Every few days, our hearts get shattered with every road accident news we receive, questioning ourselves about some inquiries with no specific answer: How did the accident happen? Who shall we blame? Did the road assistance reach them at the right time or was it too late? And what are the driving behaviors that could
Car accidents are a global concern, and Egypt is no exception. The alarming rise in road accidents calls for innovative solutions that  prioritize safety and minimize response time during emergencies. Introducing BlinkApp, the mobile application equipped with cutting-edge car crash detection features. The Rising Concern of Road Accidents in Egypt Recent accident statistics in Egypt
Welcome to the world of BlinkApp, the revolutionary mobile application that brings together cutting-edge technology and unparalleled driver supervisioncapabilities.  In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the incredible driver supervision features offered by BlinkApp. The Importance of Driver Supervision: Fleet managers and business owners understand the critical role that driver supervision plays in the
Usage-based insurance (often called telematics-based insurance) is a growing feature of both personal auto and commercial auto insurance policies. It expands underwriting from the traditional metrics of age, gender, occupation, and financial information to also include a driving evaluation (performed by a GPS unit attached to your car). A general interpretation of these new usage-based insurance policies