BlinkApp for Developers!

We at BlinkApp know that our technology is potential for numerous other applications that might as well serve a lot more people through diverse ways. That is why we make our knowledge and technology available for developers out there to capitalize on them and proceed to the next level.

If you are developing your own application, BlinkApp will provide you with an Android and iOS SDK with our knowledge, experience and technologies.

  • Easy and fast integration
  • Minimal CPU usage thanks to using high performance computing
  • Small file supporting application bundles
  • Low battery use
  • Most market devices are supported

BlinkApp will provide you with access to our comprehensive dashboard, with all supported features to manage, monitor and generate smart reports to help you provide a valuable service to your end users.

BlinkApp also gives you the option to create and customize your own dashboard or integrate with existing ones with easy cloud access to all our APIs using your own license key to enjoy a stable, auto-scalable and secured system.

Our technology can detect crashes and collisions through a specific process of data collection that is entirely anonymized. We make this technology available for developers so that they can give their users more safety-related options through their applications.

BlinkApp provide developers with a set of technology tools with which they can enrich their applications with additional features including more notification options for their personal network, emergency services, roadside assistance and more.

Our technology can be easily integrated with existing applications, where the integration can be implemented as an app upgrade rather than being a new application that requires new App Store or Google Play settings or reviews.