BlinkApp is a deep-tech mobile application that utilizes smartphone sensors and AI to provide low-cost telematics solutions. BlinkApp can track and monitor driving behaviors, detect car motion, and analyze thousands of miles of data to evaluate drivers’ behavior with the goal of improving it and providing insights and analytics to our clients.

Our Mission

Bringing science, technology, and business together to provide a cutting-edge mobile application that tracks and monitors driving behaviors, detects car motion, and provides insights and analytics to our clients, also supporting insurance companies and fleet owners while constantly creating value for our stakeholders.

Our Values

  • People: We promote a people-driven culture where our work is inspired by our care for people’s lives to increase the quality of life and raise awareness about safer behaviors on the road.
  • Safety: People’s safety is the core of our technology, and we pursue our continuous improvement initiatives with the main objective of promoting safety results.
  • Customers: We develop our business features with our customers’ business in our mind, where we strive to understand the specific needs and pain points of insurance and fleet owner companies to enhance our application for their best benefit.
  • Innovation: We challenge ourselves to incorporate ground-breaking initiatives and latest technology trends to upgrade our application with innovative features that benefit everyone.
  • Globality: We aspire to be the best at what we offer worldwide, and we work for the best interest of our users everywhere around the globe.