Looking for a Better Road Safety Experience?

Have you had a car crash and could not find any road assistance?

Are you worried you might have an accident where emergency would not reach you on time?

Do you often worry about your sons’ and daughters’ driving behavior?

Do you need to cut down your car maintenance and fuel costs?

Are you sure you made the right choice allowing them to have their own cars?

Do you have a problem in follow-up your own car driver?

The crash detection feature will react instantly to send notifications to your network and emergency services with your exact location for faster help. No matter how scared or disoriented you might be, BlinkApp shall act on your behalf.

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The application will monitor your driving patterns to detect aggressive, irresponsible behavior and help you improve your attitude on the road for your and your family’s safety.

BlinkApp can help you monitor your family members’ driving behavior – with their approval – by providing reports about their driving patterns, as well as the vehicle consumption costs including fuel, brakes, oil, tires and more.

  • Notify family members in case of a crash.
  • Detect aggressive driving patterns and irresponsible behavior to improve your family member’s driving behavior and safety on the road.
  • Follow the family member location and remain updated with any changes.
  • Receive vehicle consumption reports to help you have an increased control over fuel consumption, brakes, oil, tires and other parts.

For locations and countries that might lack proper roadside assistance and emergency services, BlinkApp offers a number of premium features to help enhance your safety on the road, including:

  • 24/7 call center services.
  • Request the nearest available ambulance to the accident location.
  • Help emergency personnel by providing a medical profile for the driver.
  • Request car towing services.
  • Request a cab if there is no need for an ambulance.

What the numbers say

1 M

Road crash deaths per year


Road crash deaths per day

20 – 50 M

Preventable injuries per year

$518 B

Road crashes cost annually


Preventable road deaths with just a 10-minute earlier response

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