BlinkApp is a mobile application that uses technology to save lives by monitoring drivers’ behaviors and sending out notifications to emergency services and personal network in case of road accidents.

Whether you are an insurance company, a fleet owner or simply an individual who wants to be safe on the road, BlinkApp is here for you!

How We Save Lives

Main Features




Using the smartphone’s native sensors to automatically detect and respond to crashes.



Location detection with any available location service.

Driver Profiling

and Scoring

Data capturing and artificial intelligence to provide driver profiling and scoring.



Detailed customer dashboard and user management capabilities.



Easy integration with existing fleet management systems, or other accident detection and roadside assistance applications.

Compatibility With

Mobile OS

Available to download on Android and iOS.

How It Helps

Accident Detection

Quick accident detection and real time confirmation that does not need the phone to survive the crash.

Emergency Notifications

Notifying emergency services and personal network about the crash and its location.

Drivers Behavior

Monitoring drivers’ behavior and helping to optimize vehicle usage, save fuel, maintain brakes and tires, and reduce maintenance costs.

Speeding Processes

Speeding up the insurance claim process with usage-based insurance services and more added value.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation approach to help you capitalize on our technology to build your own application.

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