Accident Detection Process

BlinkApp has a number of important features that benefit insurance companies, fleet owners, and individuals. But the most important of all is the Accident Detection, that saves lives.



The app performs motion analysis to analyze driver’s behavior and vehicle movements.



The app detects any shocks and processes them within a milliseconds . It then displays “Are you okay?” screen to the driver.



If the driver answered “No” or did not answer at all, the app notifies the preset list of family / friends, as well as police / ambulance.


Save a Life!

The exact location is sent out to the notified people to help reaching the location easily and quickly.

Behavior Monitoring Process

With the driving behavior monitoring feature, BlinkApp users can keep their drivers’ safe and their vehicles sound by getting informative insights about the driving habits that can be compromising the drivers’ safety on the road. Using Artificial Intelligence, we analyze, configure and tune huge sets of data to reach an optimized model than can smoothly work on the smartphone to provide real-time monitoring and fast decision-making.