What is BlinkApp?

BlinkApp is a mobile application that uses technology to save lives using mobile sensors and sending out notifications to emergency services and personal network in case of road accidents. In the following guide we will help you to able to install, sign up and configure the app on your mobile. please follow the guides below:

1. Sign up

Enter your full name, email address (optional) & mobile number. In this step we will create your account. you will receive SMS including a 6 digit passcode on your mobile number, then you will enter the digit in the next screen. then you will enter to the next step.

2. Sensor Check tool

In this step, you will be required to shake the mobile by your hand until reach to the maximum value. you can try again and again until you become sure that the value didn't increases. then you can press "Finish Test". This test aim to know the exact callabilities of your smartphone sensors.

3. SOS Help

Swap SOS emergency button is used to send a message to your emergency list after selecting them in case you need any help

4. Manager your network

Use this tab to enter your network zone

5. Add your network

Use this tab to search & add your family and friends to your emergency list

6. People who added you

People who added you as a member of their list

7. Your selected member

Your friends and family that already selected to be notified

8. Are you OK

Remember in case of any accidents you will receive an automated message asking, “Are You OK?”, you can reply with a voice command or by clicking on Yes or No buttons.

9. GPS Permission

For some Android versions (Android 10+), GPS require a special permission to work in background. this is helping us to detect the car accident in background even if you are not opening the app. Please select "Allow all the time"

10. To Work Automatically

If you need the app to work automatically in background without opening the application on each trip. You will need to allow Autostart permission and follow the next steps.

11. To Work Automatically - Continue

Go for settings, then BlinkApp, then select Allow apps to start automatically, and allow the apps to be started by other apps always

12. To Work Automatically - Continue

From Battery settings, select No restrictions to work in background

13. Enable Notifications

Give the notification the permission to appear on all cases

14. Enable Notifications - Continue

Give the notification the permission to appear on all cases

Why does the app require these permissions:

1. Access to locationing service to get the vehicle location in case on accident. On the other hand, if you want the app to run in the background without having to open it every time you ride the car. It also requires activating a location service. Make sure that we are not monitoring you and we are not tracking your movements. This only happens when an accident occurs and to enable the application in the background.

2. Access to contacts so that you can add members of your family to alert them in case of an accident. We do not read and synchronize with all contacts, but only those you will choose to add them to the application

3. Access to microphone and speech recognition to respond during an accident and voice interaction by saying yes or no. The application does not use the microphone in any other use at all

4. Access to motion and fitness to know that the user is in a car and is now driving, and the application does not work in a non-driving mode

5. background app refresh in order to ensure that it will work continuously while app is closed. It also requires the use of the internet to send data.